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ComScan affordably delivers unparalleled precision and repeatability in record time. The time savings comes from ease of operation, along with, quick setup and part changeover. ComScan’s proprietary algorithms ensures the repeatability and reproducibility enhancing the 3D scanner’s precision.

3X-6X Productivity Improvement

ComScan systems are 3x faster than manual scanning

A railroad coupler takes 35 minutes to scan manually vs. 10.5 minutes using ComScan

ComScan systems are 6x faster than CMM

Our customer case study shows that cylinder head measurement on a traditional CMM takes 90 minutes vs. 15 minutes on a ComScan system with the added benefit of Computer Aided Verification (CAV) report.

High Precision with Seamless Repeatability

While your 3D scanner provides the high precision, it is the ComScan system that provides the consistent, robust repeatability and reproducibility in a seamless fashion. CMMs and CNC machines use a physical object space that requires a mathematical relationship between the component and the machine; the operator must identify the component’s location within the work envelope. Any deviation to that relationship will result in inconsistent data results. Thus CMMs must be designed to avoid physical deviations due to:

  • thermal expansion
  • vibration
  • bearing friction
  • ball screw backlash
  • motion control errors

Tripod mounted 3D scanners have no mathematical relationship to the component’s location thus creating a virtual object space. ComScan systems take full advantage of this virtual object space. Data registration, then, is handled by the system’s software and proprietary algorithms, giving ComScan systems a highly intuitive quality. The virtual object space, combined with automated shot sequencing is what allows ComScan to achieve repeatability and reproducibility results, measured in tenths of an inch or microns

Simple Setup & Part Changeover

Setting up a scan is as simple as 1,2, 3:

  1. Setup your shot sequence using any of these options in ComScan:

    1. Canned-Cycle shot-sequences pre-set for scanning particular features
    2. Conversationally setup by explaining the component dimensions and geometric complexity
    3. Teach Pendant setup, as needed, to improve coverage beyond the existing shot sequence
    4. Offline setup in your CAD software that can later be edited in ComScan

  2. Load/Changeover the part without surface preparation
  3. While many of today’s 3D scanners relieve the need to paint/dust components white to help with surface finish and reflectivity issues, it is ComScan’s technique for handling the virtual object space that eliminated the need for photogrammetric targets.

  4. Click START...

Simply Automate your 3D Scanner

ComScan software and patented modular design is compatible with all scanner manufacturers and scanner interfaces. This allows the ComScan system user to purchase and smoothly integrate new or existing scanner models. As scanner technology improves and advances, ComScan systems are easily upgradeable. We can retrofit your current scanner and, in the future, if you decide to upgrade the scanner, ComScan can support that upgrade even if you decide to change scanner manufactures. This makes the ComScan a very safe and practical investment for our customers.

Modular by Design

The ComScan design is comprised of a number of standard sub-assemblies that can be mixed and matched to build a custom system specific to your application while also making upgrades simple.

Safe by Design

A major benefit of the ComScan system is that the design eliminates the life safety barrier issues inherent to automotive robots. This means that a ComScan system can be simply incorporated into your environment.